Furnace Heating Types – Which Is Right For You?

Furnace Heating Types

Understanding furnaces isn’t always high on everyone’s list of life goals. You’ve got better things to worry about. But as a homeowner, you can’t afford to know some of the basics – especially when the time comes to replace your existing model with something new and more efficient. Here’s a look at the different furnace heating types you should know about.

4 Different Furnace Heating Types

Gas furnaces are the most popular for a number of reasons. They produce heat the quickest and have models that stand the test of time. Since most homes already have a gas line in place, installation is often easier – making it most homeowners’ first choice. Without the proper hookup in place, though, you might be looking to consider other furnace heating types like propane, electric or even solar.

As an alternative to the well-established gas furnace, propane comes in as a close second. Operating in a similar fashion to gas, propane produces heat quicker than electric versions and is often seen as a reliable source of heating.

What do you do if gas or propane just isn’t what you want? Maybe there’s no hookup, and you want to explore electric. This is definitely a viable option and can be tackled in a few different ways. Electric heat pumps, combi boilers, or electric furnaces all operate on electricity, so narrowing down your options will depend on personal preference and the recommendation from your HVAC professional. Be sure to ask questions and share what you want from your electric option. Heat pumps are great for a designated area of your home, while combi boilers deliver a central effect (but are also connected to your hot water distribution). You shouldn’t make this call solo. Consult a pro to help you.

Solar is the final option. While the world may be trying to be greener, solar isn’t quite as accessible as it should be. This can be a more invasive installation. Be sure to consult a professional to get their opinion on whether this option is worth it for your home.

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